how do i get an appraisal for somthing

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    For what like? A property? An antique? A motorcycle? A car? A pure bred dog?  Give us a hint……


    Don't you think a better answer would have been to give referral sites to every kind of appraiser known to exist in every country in the world? This is a non-answer, but I've given you a TU because you made the effort to acknowledge the question and direct the member to providing you with information to help you help him.

     "Google" the following:

    "appraisal services for" and then type in what you want appraised (jewelry, home, auto, motorcycle, etc.) followed by WHERE you want the appraisal services. Then press "enter" and you will be inundated with options. 
    Try it for your own city/town/state and see if you get the referral sites that can help you.  

    Example:  Jewelry appraisal, Bellingham, Washington

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