i know i'll get a lot of answers for this question...why does so many people out there answer God and Jesus questions? is it that everyone thinks he or she is some kind of athority on religion?!

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    Apparently there are many Christians on this site and have their own religious convictions. You can sense when someone is trying to force feed the "Word" down your throat. For the most part, I don't see that happening often. If you do, just "click" and they go away.
    If you have Jesus in your heart you become an authority.

    I like that!:)
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    Yes, eggplant, I know you know crap.

    If you were an authority, you would not be here. You would be in heaven with the rest of the authoritative souls. We are destined to find our own answers here on earth, not have them fed to us by people who believe they are authorities. Each Soul is unique and finds it's own answers. There are no "one size fits all" answers no matter what you believe. The only authority on God, is God Himself. Every one else is just a student. You misunderstand your place if you believe you are an authority.
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    I am an authority on what Jesus expects of me.
    So I can answer Jesus questions, you can answer soul travel questions, OK.

    No, I can answer Jesus questions too, I actually answer many and even answer Christian questions when you authorities drop the ball. I just don't let my ego get to me and call myself an authority and try to fool people into believing Jesus is the way.
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    Yea, I've seen some of your answers, but I'm not on here 18hr a day.........

    You were here for the one, "Did Jesus have any children?"
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    Never saw it, will look it up, thanks

    I love JESUS and I am no expert in religion and JESUS  is a life long learning task. Socrates's wrote many years ago the beginning of wisdom is knowing absolutely nothing that is not just learning about JESUS this applies to every aspect in life.


    Thank you for the thumb ups
    Religion is generally a very "passionate" subject for many people..thus folks who truly believe will always give you their opinion, and what is wrong with that? This is pretty much the same amount of responses that you would get with a"political" question

    this is true.
    I don't think anyone knows.
    This is the first time I've seen this question, gave a few thumbs up for the good answers up there.

    I don't think I'm an expert, I have studied the Bible for years, and went to Bible college, but I know that I'm no expert. The cool thing is that a person that has been a Christian for a few minutes can have some profound spiritual knowledge. This is because the knowledge and wisdom comes from God and His Holy Spirit. Like Randy said, when Jesus is in your heart, you know Him.

    Thumbs up on your question.

    thanx,again...tu back at you
    many don't actually answer, they just copy and paste something from the "bible". :-)

    I am certainly NO expert in Religion thoe I do belive in God but I dont let Religion rule my life and I dont like it when I feel its jammed down my throat


    I'm glad your, get to work !
    I am not an expert. I simply try to answer questions about God and Jesus from my heart. There are plenty on here who are not believers and they also answer these questions from what they believe is true

    well, I answer the ones, I feel I can back up, with the Bible, or other books. I have a minors degree in world religions. I don't know all of them, but I'm pretty good on about 6-7 of them.

    When a person reads and gets to know the bible more and more, it's easy to mislead him to a wrong direction. He starts to make up self-centered beliefs. In fact, that is the greatest power of the bible. That is one of the reasons why it's not good to be a self believer and a bible-only believer. He needs a guidance by a credible church, a community, with authority to prevent that and would become a true Christian with healthy and profound spirit.

    You speak of the people who call themselves authorities. God is the only authority. Everyone else is a student guessing and supposing.
    Lord knows. I don't:-)
    hey... my Q is back on top,i wander if anyone but me reads the answers to this...?!
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    I have......

    I do. Are satisfied you asked this question after breading all answers and comments?

    You just proved that even you don't read the answers to your Q. I hope you didn't somehow become incapacitated.

    i have
    not a very broud audiance out there since this question was first posted,have you notced?!!
    obviously your question wasn't provocative enough.

    "" Hi there,,,crap on...

    God is within and a part of all of us , so ask a question for God and everyone feels the urge to answer the question and who answers first??? usually the ego reacts with lightening speed to get an insult in there first, then a thoughtful answer that is less radical and then maybe some wisdom comes along in answer.

    Some in here think they are but they are not.


    Why did you ask in the past a Jesus question and you are now questioning the answerers expertize/authority?


    20 hours ago I asked you: Why did you ask in the past a Jesus question and you are now questioning the answerers expertize/authority?

    Are you not following the answers to your own questions?


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