is not falling asleep till a couple hours after you go to bed normal?

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     Typically , the average person goes to sleep 10--15 minutes after they go to bed. That's if they're working and sufficiently tired, and if they get up real early.......and especially if they have a hard, physically demanding job.

       I find that retired people, like myself don't fall asleep as fast, b/c we're not as tired. And we don't have to get up so dang early anymore.

    Well it is normal for me... But I am abnormal. You may want to ask your doctor about sleep aids. I am anti-pain medication and sleep aids. (for me personally) But they do help many ppl. Also a counselor or psychologist might be able to help you mind rest.

    is normal for me to,  but i found out i don,t need that much sleep, don,t make your self worry,  i just accept  it,  and i try  not to take medicine, it works for me,good luck to you

    No, it's not normal. I've never slept more than five hours a night, even as a kid. Getting into a routine for bed time will help. Avoid meds if possible. They do have a hangover effect.

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