can a husband leave a wife at home every day without food to eat no money, aand no way to go?

    goe's to work, makes over 22.00 an hr. and wont give her any money, or gas for her vehicle, leaves her with no food in the house!

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    Hi Pudding this relationship is not a loving one I dont know wether its you or some one you know but as it stands it is not working and for being sound and mind you/or your friend will not be for much longer get out while you can and dont look back as it is not worth it this person (Husband) is so insurcure he will never change he needs help also while this marridge lasts its based on a sick relationship he is doing this and the other person is letting him good luck 

    One word...............ANTIFREEZE! (Just a little every day  should do the trick but  you must be patient). ( This is only a joke people-I'm not serious)!


    i wish id thought of that!!!!!!!!!!

    I friend attempted suicide on antifreeze. I found him after 5 days and he barely managed to answer the door. I thought he had the flu but he told me it was AF. I called an ambulance,poison control and his mother in quick succession and off he went to the hospital. Treatment…2 weeks in ICU with an alcohol drip to flush the antifreeze out. No liver damage and he’s doing well today. Anyone tells you they took poison, do as I did or you are co-responsible for the persons death and that goes for those who suggest a method of suicide. Co-responsibility for a crime is harsh.
    country bumpkin

    Don't drink the anti-freeze!

    Find a place for abused spouses and get the hell out of there. 

    Your husband is a sicko, and he only deserves a "blow up" doll.


    He only deserves, hard labour. lol

    Why is she staying with him? I can not feel sorry for her. There are help organizations everywhere.


    Pudding, it will take you some time to get yourself in a better spot. call a crisis line. start there.

    colleenl,every now and then I feel like you are very sad and alone and use this forum to make you feel better. do you have friends? real friends you can touch -- not akaqa friends.

    your health is good, you are young ... maybe spending some time away from the computer would do you a little good for a week or so.
    my best to you.

    I finished something i've been planning to finish for about a year just by staying off akaqa. It's a family history for our children. I'm going to try and complete many projects. I will stay on aqaka but will not LIVE here anymore. : )

    my best to you and also to you pudding.

    What exactly do you mean by that itsee? Am I to feel bad about an adult who can not walk away from abuse? I know abuse through my father and my first relationship. I left that bad relationship after I knew the abuse would not stop. There's no good reason to stay with abuse. I'm direct, not sad. No, I am not lonely either and I spend plenty of time away from the computer when I need to. Thank you for your counsel but it is not needed. Please do not read things into my words that are not there. 3 members here talk to me on Skype, ask them if they think I am sad, lonely or in need of advice from an elder. Why does everyone here think they need to run my life for me? Really, maybe you all need to get lives and stop worrying about mine?

    Let me just add, anything I see on this forum I see it as 1/2 truth or no truth. I do not know these strangers who post here and I'm pretty insightful about people and the stories they bring. People get enough hand holding in life, sometimes they need a good boot to go along with the hand holding. I've supported you in just about all you've brought here, was I not kind enough to you? We can not save this person pudding mentioned. This person will never see what any of us have said here so truly, what does it matter? She needs to get out and save herself. Period.

    Lastly as a moderator of the forum, I have to spend time here cleaning up the crap that gets posted every few minutes here. Do you want the site trashed because it would be trashed if I didn't spend as much time here as I do. I do this job for free to keep this environment as safe as it can be for people like you to come here. You're welcome.

    Itsmee I sure do see you in here a lot where are your friends??????? Why are you picking on Colleen when she is just giving good sound advice. The person has a choice to take advice or not, their choice? I too was in an abusvive marital and family relationship. In life there is but only one person one can ever hope to change and that is themselves and themselves only. One can change no one else. One can offer that person good sound advice which is what Colleen simply did and all you are doing is pacifying, and enabling the pity party and making her feel it is okay for her to stay in that type of horrible situation that is going to do nothing but escalate I promise.

    It looks like an abuse case.  You can report to the Police or Deparment of Social Service.

    cut your losses,walk away.youre worth more than that

    He can do this,if you let him.

    Is there are reason she does not work.. is herher care taker? She does have the option of leaving. But I dont think it is grounds for spoucal abuse. (legally). However she can find a safe heaven at a wemans shelter.

    Are we talking about a husband or a hostage?

    He sounds like a real charmer.Are they muslims? She should move on.


    do you have family or friends, if so go. If not contact a womens refuge and go, its difficult but  easier than putting up with this type of abuse, there are lots of organisations that can help, you obviously have access to the internet so have a look, there are options, nobody needs to endure this type of behaviour, dont waste your life.

    I heard it's legal in Arkansas.  Or is it Alabama ?

    How true do any of you think this is since Pudding has never come back to respond at all. This was supposedly about someone Pudding knows of. Why is Pudding not helping this person? Why has Pudding never come back?


    Of course it's B.S. That's why I offered one of my impassioned comments.

    I suspected it was which is why I was short. Then I got told I was lonely, sad and needed real friends, not aka friends because they don't count. <rolling eyes>

    well, it is my daughter,not me. she won't listen to me, also my husband passed away two months ago, and ihave been having a very depessing time with my life as i now see it.only some one that has been through this ca ever know what it does toyou and your mind and body as well. i hope i have answered all questions why i have not been back on.thanks pudding..

    Then leave your daughter to her own decision. If you truly feel she is being abused, call the authorities. Strangers on the internet can be of no help to you or her. It seems you want help more for yourself than her.

    Well  surely  your not one of those persons who likes  abuse and stuff,  so I wonder  why  you stay with a  man who treats you in such a manner,  something is wrong with your thinking and reasoning 

    THis is abuse.  Mental abuse as well as physically not providing her care or a way to care for herself. 

    Yes he can...your an adult!!!.It may be morely abusive but it's not legally abusive.

    Yes he can if she's not an invalid. Is she an idiot for living like that? Yes she is.

    @ Country Bumpkin youre not by a long way!!!!!i know ive got a reputation for being a sometimes sarcastic git but why ive never understood.think the ability to laugh at yourself helps

    Country Bumpkin ,you have the same sense of humour as me!!!!!

    country bumpkin

    Glad to know I'm not alone!

    He can and your not doing much about it. There are many women's shelters and always a way out unless you are unable to move out of the chair. I'm not trying to be cruel but action happens when you take the inniciative to get moving.

    You don't call it husband. Just call it roommate or stranger.

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