how do i get my wife to like me again after 12 long years,three kids, two, dogs and one dead cat ?

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    Seriously, go see a marriage counselor.


    You don't "get" someone to like you.  You must first like her and when she feels your sincerity, she'll begin to like you back.  BTW, go get her a new cat.  That'd be a good start.

    Well I could have helped if you only came in the pecking order after the 3 kids and 2 dogs but to be ousted to below a dead cat, mate you have a real problem that only suicide can fix. Your wife not you Aw shit! too late. Stupid bastard!

    I would have to wonder what it was that turned her away from you in the first place. Thats what you need to consider and how you can change it. I also have to warn you that change has to come from a desire within, not for someone else, or like the is hard to change your spots. Sometimes letting go and just accepting that she has moved on is the best advice. There are plenty of wonderful women out there but you have to learn to love who you are and let go of the past grudges, learn your lessons from the past so you don't continue to repeat them. Good luck.

    No! but you got me thinking , maybe i should have.


    I can see why your wife may not like you. Kind of a sucky attitude you have there.

    Well,Id get rid of the cat for a start.She probably thinks it's you stinking the place up.


    Tommy the cat is Dead ! I hope it is buried! lol

    My goodness, you've only had sex, three times in twelve years!

    Well maybe I am just guessing here did you killl the cat?

    Go get her a cat. 

    A female friend said to me one time if a female makes up her mind.Its made up and no going back no matter what you due. Iv been happy ever sense.

    Colleen  that was not very nice.


    Neither are you apparently. You're the one who said you should have killed the cat. I'm thinking about whether I should delete this whole thread or not.

    well I was feeling sorry for you but now well you have cannot blame her its your fault and I am glad I didnt see that thread about killing a the cat and now the poor thing is dead did you kill this CAT !as you mebtioned about killing the cat and now its dead it just dont add up mate and I hope Colleen deletes you no wonder your wife doesnt like you, look at yourself no really take look at yourselve I dont think you are very nice person by the way do you drink ! I bet you do

    did not see that one comming maybe i should look deeper into my own heart so that ill know whats she is going thorgh thanks!

    After 12 yrs. you should give up and accept your fate .  Good luck we're all counting onya!

    Is your wife ALLEGRIC to sperm like mine is? :(

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