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         Help finding my real motherjackman

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    Jackman it depends on what information you have or can get on your biological mother. Without a name it's obviously going to be next to impossible to find your birth parents. Asking your adopted parent for the name (if they are cooperative). If you have the birth father's name, it's going to be easier to locate him rather than the birth mother. In the majority of cases, the birth mother gets married and changes her name. If you know what hospital you were born, try contacting their records department. You may get lucky and find a compassionate person there who is willing to look up your birth record.
    If you have absolutely no information on your birth parents jackman,
    you may want to try or, which contains over 85 million death records for individuals with United States social security numbers. This free database provides helpful family history information including name, birth date, death date and last known residence.
    Last if you have a medical condition and you want to find out your family medical history and your birth records are sealed, the only way you can get your birth records is through the court process and you will need to hiring an attorney. Good luck jackman.

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