I think my boyfriend is gay, how do i find out for sure without herting his feelings? =(

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    Be honest with him and ask. If you are in a relationship together you do have the right to know.

    Perhaps he simply likes you but is not physically attracted to you. Is it possible he could be seeing another girl?  I'm assuming you ask because he has little to no desire for sex with you. It could also be a medical condition. You do not list an age. Is he too young to be worrying about an actual relationship preferring to hang with his male friends instead? Or too old and in need of Viagra? There's a huge lack of information here to go on to even give you advice on how to approach him with a concern that may not have even a remote possibility.


    VCKTORIYA78897 - This is the second time you've talked about Gays, are you a homophobe or what?  If so, keep it to yourself, I don't want that kind of crap on our Forum.


    Thank you Yvonne.

    Maz is right - honesty is the best policy.  What makes you think he is gay?  Maybe he's just shy or feels like he isn't ready to "fool around."  Is that why you think he is gay?  r/yvonne57

    When you go out with hem dues he stare at other men.


    That would be 'Adams' apple.. Not Atoms

    What has that got to do with a person being gay? This is a stupid comment and frankly I'm tired of bigots making stupid comments about human beings just because of their sexuality.

    Editing your comment does not help. You said, "Check to see if he has an atoms apple" before you changed your comment.

    You know what gets me about people like you? I can tell you're the type to be the first to make fun of a homosexual, yet IF Vcktoryia is correct in her assumption that her boyfriend is gay, you can't even cut him the slack for trying to live as someone like you would dictate he lives, as a heterosexual. So, if true, he is trying to ignore what he was born to be and live the straight life to appease the bigots, here you are anyway, making fun of him. Tell me, does it make you feel like a better human being to make fun of others? To make stereotypical comments that are not grounded in fact? Do you realize this makes you look less a human being and also one without character? If the scenario is correct, what would you have him do? Be a false heterosexual so you can make fun of him or be a homosexual so you can make fun of him? It appears you have a much larger issue than he does. BUT there is no proof that he is. You would rather just assume right along with his girlfriend so you can look down on him and make fun of him. You are lower than you could ever hope to place a homosexual.

    Checking out or staring at other men is not even a true indicator. My brother is as heterosexual as you can get but he checks out other guys as a way of sizing himself up to them in looks and body. I know heterosexuality woman who look at other women because they find nice looking women more attractive and pleasant to look at than most men.

    This question of yours " do you think vampires exist?" gives me a rough idea of how old you are Vcktoryia which also gives me an idea of how old your "boyfriend" is. Apparently neither one of you are old enough to be dating let alone trying to be boyfriend and girlfriend. Try growing up first before you go making assumptions that a boy too young to be dating is gay. If you're thinking about having sex, don't. You're not old enough for it.



    Most of your question is spelled correctly. I'm assuming your of an age were you two may be sexually active. If that's the case, you have a right to know if he has other partners, whether female or male. STD's are rampant and can cause you irreparable harm. Look him straight in the eyes and ask him. His reaction, not the answer will  tell you if he is or isn't.

    Reading though the many postings over the months i must say that i applaude Colleen for her stand. I am hetrosexual and l have been very happily married to my wife for 30 years .... Why oh why do people de-cry and give such negitive comments regarding homosexual people who are in loving relationships with their partners? I don't care whether you are black , yellow, pink, blue or white - where you come from - where you live - millionaire - unemployed - Catholic  - a non believer - gay or trasnsexual .... who am I to judge you. It seems to me that people need to stop such tunnel visioned / narrow minded views and comments and at least try to understand personal and individual points of view . One unique and very interesting point with this forum is that to a great degree it inspires International friendship from all walks of life, and from that we can all learn about our different cultures and ways of life, and that in itself in the somewhat unstable world that we live in is good. However lets not stop the whitty sence of humour on the site that so many have ... i just love some of the comments (might be a British thing lol!).  Long may that live..... What was the question again? ..... lol.                  

    Take him grocery shopping and see how he caresses the Swedish sausage in the meat dept.


    You must be embarrassing to shop with. Do you stand in produce caressing melons? (Assuming you are a male and old enough to know what melons are).

    Depends on how liberal and willing she is

    Yeah, good luck. Always carry bail money.

    how big is a swedish sausage,????????


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