why is there deth

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    Gee Darren is the world only 6,000 years old ? Bloody hell this bible must be full of misinformation eh?


    To the question< death is natures way of recycling people. Nothing to do with god or Adam or the Fruit from some imaginary tree that no one seems to have a common name for. apple, tomato, tree of all knowledge, tree of good and evil to name but a few.

    cause adam ruined it for all mankind some 6000 years ago when he ate that apple !

    Because Beth said, I like Deth.

    Could you imagine a place like Hong Kong where there's no death, the population would have grown to 40,000,000 in 50 years.

    Because God created us is my first guess and best answer........and we all have a time here on earth and when it is your time to do you depart.

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