When is a newly painted surface such as sheetrock considered "cured" so that one can use masking tape to keep paint from crossing over from an adjoining surface being painted? And, what is the best masking tape to use on freshly painted surfaces?

    I've painted my walls and want to paint the wood trim molding around doors a different color. But, I don't want to get paint on adjoining surfaces. Also, is the green, (e.g. Frogtape), really better than the blue, (e.g. Scotch blue painters tape) to use? Are there any suggestions about brands that are better than others so that when the tape is peeled off, it doesn't pull up the new paint on the wall where it is attached. Thanks much.

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    First of all,drying time depends on the Temperature of the day and weather you used oil based or water based for masking tape,in Aussie 3m is a pretty good tape,but if in doubt ask your friendly paint shop,,BTW,oil based paint takes a lot longer to dry,,, 

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