almost been 5years in a relationship. he has 2 boys. i live with him. i clean his house, cook, take care of the kids, plus work at his store. is there hope of a marriage

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    if youre happy then stay as you are but dont let this guy use you,youre worth more than that.good luck x

    He's probably happy with the way things are now. 

    He's not going to change now and ask you to marry him.

    It's your life, your decision.  Do what makes you happy.


    Sounds to me like you're a nanny/housekeeper/store clerk .... Where does marriage fit into that???

    It seems the answer should come from your boy friend. 

    No employment contract, no salary, no discussion of marriage, no hope for marriage, lots of sex for him, no hurry....

    It's a good deal for him. You lose.

    Are you asking anybody to say "Oh yes.Sorry he is useing "You" Do you need the job? one word comes to mind "Slave thats what you are the other woman on AKAQA would be i would think be "Mad at you no "woman should be treated as a "slave He might say he Loves you ask him does he know the "meaning of love,Leave and get yourself a "life

    Contrary to popular belief, even if two people live together for a certain number of years, if they don't intend to be married and present themselves to others as a married couple, there is no common law marriage. More particularly, a common law marriage can occur only when:

    • a heterosexual couple lives together in a state that recognizes common law marriages

    • for a significant period of time (not defined in any state)

    • holding themselves out as a married couple -- typically this means using the same last name, referring to the other as "my husband" or "my wife" and filing a joint tax return, and

    • intending to be married.

    Unless all four are true, there is no common law marriage. When a common law marriage exists, the couple must go through a formal divorce to end the relationship.

    Not all states recognize common law marriage so check on this further.

    If your HAPPY/CONTENT, why worry, some say that saying "I DO" changes everything.

    No way. That would open the door to you stopping to doing your chores.

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