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    Where can I find info re: how much money the US gives other countries on a regular basis?

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    Hi izzie, this is just the top two aid receivers but should give you a good idea on the amount of money we dish out. If it helps how about a thumbs up! Thank you

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    United States Foreign Aid Summary Chart
    All figures in millions of US dollars (rounded off)

    I found this site from the US Buget on foriegn aid. If it is good in your opinion will you give this answer a thumbs up?
    Here it is Izzie- appears very complete let me know what you think.

    United States Foreign Aid Summary Chart

    First There was in 1978 the Camp David agreement: A Framework for Peace in the Middle East and A Framework for the Conclusion of a Peace Treaty between Egypt and Israel. The agreement also resulted in the United States committing to several billion dollars worth of annual subsidies to the governments of both Israel and Egypt, subsidies which continue to this day, and are given as a mixture of grants and aid packages committed to purchasing U.S. materiel. From 1979 (the year of the peace agreement) to 1997, Egypt received military aid of US $1.3 billion annually, which also helped modernize the Egyptian military. This is beyond economic, humanitarian, and other aid, which has totaled more than US $25 billion. Eastern-supplied until 1979, Egypt now received American weaponry such as the M1A1 Abrams Tank, AH-64 Apache gunship and the F-16 fighter jet. In comparison, Israel has received $3 billion annually since 1985 in grants and military aid packages. I believe we subsidize over 100 countries but Isreal and then Egypt are the top two.
    Hope this shines some light on were our tax money goes.

    Thanks and that IS a large amount, however I'm looking for a list of ALL aid packages - countries and amounts. Care to share your source??

    Raider_retired 3_29_

    Thank you for the vote. I knew the totals but had to look up the specifics. But you ask a great question and I am giving you a thumbs up. If I find a more complete answer I will pass it on here.

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