my relatives are very religious and i'm not accepted

    i guess this type of question comes up often ~ phrased in different ways. i am a good and kind person. i keep the ten commandments (i think) I do unto others as i wish them to do unto me. the religious branch of relatives do not accept me because i don't read the bible and follow their beliefs. I do believe in god. why why why? i don't exclude them ... why do they exclude me?

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    They are way too zealous in religion! You are fine just as you are! You must ask yourself if you want to be a hypocrite and "pretend" for their sakes or be yourself?? Being yourself may fall "into place" as you mature, get older, get wiser....I realize young people don't give much credit to us oldsters...but I speak here from experiece...peace and love from an old retired hippie


    hippy ... i am old! : ) your answer still applies, girl.

    They are obviously narrow minded, intolerant, and judgemental. You're better off not having to bother with them.

    People forget how to live life and co-exist with others because they become too immersed in a religious belief or ideal and what they think God wants. Just friggen enjoy life and enjoy the people God put in your life. Preachy religion just screws everything up. Life is a gift God gave us. It's only evil and gloomy if you allow it to be. I'd rather choose living and enjoying all the gifts given here (people who have entered my life, I see as gifts too), than to just sit around waiting to die to see what might or might not be better on the other side. OK, I went a little off the mark there...sue me, lol

    Your loss is not a great one if these people have no idea how to appreciate you or love you for the simplest reason of all: because God loves you. Just keep putting out love and real love will find you to fill the void left by your family who apparently has trouble understanding what love is.


    i just read this, colleen. maybe these answers have helped. where the hay you been?

    What do you mean where have I been? I've been here on this site everyday. I've been arguing with the Christians again, lol
    "true love keeps no record of ones wrong doing"

    This type of behavior is so pervasive amongst religious groups it shows the hypocrisy amongst them. Tell them all to piss off, and do your own thing. No wonder so many people don't want anything to do with religion look at the actions of the congregation. The "Big Guy" upstairs knows your heart.

    They shouldn't, talk to them and show love and if they can't give it back, pray for them. Love, Randy

    I have always been told that you can't always choose your family but you can choose your friends. I have found that people who do not accept you for who you are are the ones with the biggest issues. Please don't take their judgmental ways personally. They have obviously hooked up with a religion that is extremist.It sounds like you are a kind and gentle person so in their favour pray that God maybe lift the veil that seems to have covered their eyes.Surround yourself with the people you love and love you back. Maybe recreate your version of family and realize that God does not turn his back on someone for not being the same as it will not bring them closer. There is power in prayer!Just keep on keepin on!

    It sounds like the relatives belong to the Watchtower, or some other false religious organization. Avoid them like the plague since their only objective is to get you brainwashed into their organization.

    Sounds like a typical religious family to me. They do not allow you to practice your religion because theirs is right and since yours is wrong, you are wrong, and obviously not appropriate to be part of their family because your history of making choices is flawed. If your choice is flawed, you are wrong, then you are not capable of being a part of either their religion or their family.

    Hey if you were a part of my family I wouldn't ignore you, I think it's a problem with them and not with you. Religious doesn't necessarily mean good or right.

    A real Christian should show love even to their worst enemies, the Bible says to love your enemies and pray for them. It doesn't say to ignore your family members if they aren't Christian like you are.

    So I'm sorry to hear that they are like that, you should copy this question and e-mail it to them. This way they could see other Christians saying that they aren't showing the love that they should be showing.

    It's the opposite with my family the half that is not Christian doesn't keep in touch with the Christian half, I always call them, they never call me. I know how you feel, but look at it like this;"You may be better off not having them in your life right now."

    Hope this helps?


    Don't bother talking to them about religion. You are not the only one. My student told me last week that she had to break up with her boyfriend because she wouldn't go to his church and become a christian. What a nonsense!

    Headless Man

    Not nonsense, if you have different religionist believes it will cause problems in a relationship. Its smart to get that part right and agree before a relationship starts.

    Headless Man

    That's true if there is no children involved, but if one believes one way and the other different the child is forced to choose. I know because I have a granddaughter going through this.


    Yes, it's very smart to know who you are getting into before any commitments. I am so glad she is no longer with him.

    It surely is a nonsense to me. If they truly love each other, they should respect each other's religious beliefs, not force to change! I know many couples who go to different churches on Sunday or just a spouse goes to church and the other stays home. If you want to convert your spouse to your religion, you need to SHOW her why it is worth to do. Obviously, she didn't see it. He broke up with her!


    I don't know what you are talking about, Randy.

    Depends on the religion you speak of. If they say they are Christians and treat you bad then they are pretenders. I would just ask them if Jesus would reject you? But maybe they are not Christian, I don't know what kind of religion you are speaking of when you say they are "religous". Maybe you could elaborate as to what religion they follow and just how they are rejecting you.


    I think it depends on the church, not religion. Christian churches have so many different denominations and each church has a slight, if not big, different idea approaching to their mission. One of the main problem Protestant church has nowadays.


    Friendof God: I may answer when I have more confidence. You asked a good question.

    May God lead you into all understanding.

    When people need religion and scripture to satisfy their moral and ethereal desires, they are not seeking truth.. they are behind on the spiritual evolution; although that does not mean that exploring religion is not an integral part of seeking truth.. everyone has explored it a some point of their life.

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