about a sad child ...

    i have three grandchildren. the oldest is six and she goes on many two or three day trips to amusements parks with one parent or the other. this child does many other activites. she is bright.
    the middle child, almost 5, isn't invited on these outings nor does she play a musical instruments or ballet. she seems very left out.
    the baby is quiet and i don't know him.
    i know the middle child is sad. i would like suggestions on how to best help all involved. no parent wants to be given "advice" so i can't really "talk" to my daughter.

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    thank you double helix. i will use the ole' icecream miracle thing. i'll get her some bubbles. after we blow out all the bubbles we will still have the magic wand. : )


    'ice-cream miracle' trick.....funny how it works on every child , LOVE it , i use it on my little brother all the time. never really noticed how effective it is. Good luck :]

    since the first one is happy and the third one is only a baby, maybe you should then talk to the middle child first, take her out for a walk, an ice-cream, ask her questions and play with her. then the child will open up and start talking to you, so you will see clearly what that child really wants then you could help her.

    I would ask the mid child if there is something she would really love to do. If it is within your power to help her with it then this will work. Try and get the mid and older to do something together and that will help the mid child feel important

    This sounds like "favoritism" on perhaps the parents part..which is sad and not healthy for the middle child...above answers/and or comments excellent...bring the middle child out of his/her shell and ask her how she/he feels...and as before said the youngest is still a baby, albeit quiet..some children just are that way...focus on the middle child and if you find out something is amiss and "really" bothering him/her, talk to your daughter if you have a good relationship with her...just offer her some wisdom from your own childhood perhaps or your lifetime of learning about people...hope all goes well for you!

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