what should be in your emergency kit?

    in the case of emergencies, what should be in our "to go" bags. I don't know where it would be that we could go but i'd like to be prepared. i used to live by diablo nuclear plant and at that time we were given a list of items but i think this group could come up with even better ideas!

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    yes, colleen. good saying. i wouldn't even know how to get gold. the bank?



    No, you would have to find a good gold dealer. Check on line. Otherwise if you have any gold jewelry 14K or better, hang onto it. It would be accepted as cash.

    thanks vetran 01, i'll be watching over this and will pack a kit at the end of the week. cigarettes and liquor for trading is a great idea. of course, some need these items for themselves.
    pills (ALL kinds) wasp spray (for protection if you don't have anything better) we'll come up with more, i'm sure.

    canned food, flashlight, radio, batteries, money, cigarettes&liquor (4 trading) matches, candles, water, energy bars, MRE's (meals ready to eat) poncho, soap, needle&thread. I'm sure there R more suggestions.



    Paper money will be devalued. Coins, gold and silver will retain their values.



    You can buy pieces of gold. That's what my mother has done. She figures if the time comes when she needs it, they'll have a way of shaving off the amount needed for a purchase. Gold will still be worth more than sliver. That's the way she's looked at it anyway.

    Headless Man

    Good place to buy silver or gold:


    Yes silver would be good. Gold no because the smallest coin is 1/10 of an ounce. Can U imagine paying $140 4 a loaf of bread in today's prices?

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