preparation for attacks

    Is anyone out there collecting gold, saving freeze-dried food and gallons and gallons of water? How about keeping arms?
    Are these things we should do for safety from attacks of one kind or another or is it nothing to worry our heads about?
    ITSMEE is peeking out from under the quilt

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    Not preparing for the inevitable is foolish. Wisdom and discipline have been removed from government which includes the vaunted oval office. Not happy about it, but our government will inevitably collapse. Unfortunately, America will soon face a grim reality. As for protection - of course!

    Remove the quilt and standup. People must learn to think on their own. Prepare for the day when the lights are extinguished. Begin thinking like our forefathers and prepare to fight for survival.

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    It's difficult to stock up with this crumby economy, I agree that we should be prepared, I do have plenty of ammo though.


    yup, leeroy. i just keep up week by week and hope the stock market doesn't collapse.

    Don't forget to decide where you would go in case of a huge terrorist attack. Then tell your family so they would have an idea where to meet.

    Be prepared

    Don't worry itsmee.I have been stocking up on can food.Making sure I have enough.


    don't forget water,cleaning supplies, and medicines
    Someone that has planned ahead is always in a better position than those that have not. Disaster what ever the cause seems to take most by surprise from flood fire hurricanes tornadoes and war but most of us are affected by these at some time or similar events.There is no harm in storing up for a emergency and yes it always seems a little odd or strange but the reality is if you dont do it then you could really regret it.

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