Why do people dream?

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    There are theories about dreaming:


    Sleep helps in the following areas:

    Memories - sleep helps to recover lost memories as well as organize current memories.

    Learning - sleep helps your brain to retain the knowledge you gain each day.

    Moods and social behaviors - REM sleep allows the parts of the brain that control your emotions, social interactions, and decision-making to slow down and recuperate from each day. This allows you to face each new day in a good mood rather than being cranky and easily frustrated as when you don't get enough rest and begin the day tired.

    Immune System - Not getting enough sleep can cause your immune system to weaken which makes you more vulnerable to diseases and infections.

    Nervous System - Some experts believe that neurons used during your waking hours repair themselves as your sleep. Not getting enough sleep causes these neurons to perform ineffectively and your nervous system becomes impaired.

    Growth and Development - While you sleep, your body releases growth hormones that are vital to your physical and mental development.

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