Would you shop at a store that charges you more to use your debit/credit card than they charge if you pay with cash?

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    Sure, if the cash price is lower than their competitors. Credit cards cost the vendor money with every purchase. However, I find that in most cases paying with cash is the same as using a credit card, so I use my CC.

    Probably not, I don't use cash any more (except for change).

    Probably if, I really wanted the item.  Sure.

    I would not buy anything from anywhere if there was a charge made for a Debit card.  

    Only for gasoline for my car.  The price of goods, I believe, has already been adjusted for the cost of a customer using a credit card. 

    They do it all the time in gas stations and even in places like dentists offices. Sometime , they'll let you write a check and treat it the same as cash. The reason they don't want credit or debit,is b/c they have to pay a fee for that. That's why you're paying more if you use credit or debit. You're paying for their fee.

    Well said some cases the banks are charging a service fee for the use of the bank card already.

    If I have no choice then yes.

    Could that be why most places ask if it will be charge or cash before they even start to ring you up ?

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