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    my five year old grandaughter wants to take things from my home. yesterday it was a table and and expensive magnifying glass. she's pushy about it. "i won't like you if i can't have it," she says. is that a spoiled brat?

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    are you looking to be her friend or her mother, you got to draw the line. not that you cant be both, but right now at her tender age the empises should be on being a mother

    i tell you ... your answers are great! i have tried to be her friend. i hate to discipline her because she's not mine. things are going to change. yay to leeroy, coach, people lover, and angie ... keep the answers a-comin'.


    Hey itsmee. Discipline is part of life. You can be her friend while your still setting the rules and sticking to them. You should mention to your child (son/daughter) about the issue and that they should step up and take care of the issue so you can enjoy the grandparenting years.

    Sounds pretty spoiled, don't worry if she doesn't like you know, most kids don't have vivid memories around that age anyway. When she gets older by not giving her everything she wants, at least she will respect you. And you will have taught her a lesson about boundaries.

    She is not a spoiled brat she is the result of inadequate parenting. My grand and great grand children treat not only me but everyone with respect because of parenting. You cannot be a friend to a small child you happen to have parented, your job is to guide, coach and if need be discipline them.

    That's a classic remark from your granddaughter. Right up there with "I'll stop being your friend". Stay firm with her because she's testing you. She'll be OK after the tantrum that is sure to follow.

    You better tell her that shes not been a friend to start with and if you know shes coming hide the good stuff and replace it with some cheap type toys i would go second hand stuff and let her have a pick which one she can have under certain conditions this should give you some power back and also teach her a few of the little life lessons which she is so much in need of .

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