do you believe in bad luck.........

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    I generally believe that intelligent people are luckier people. They seem to be always lucky.  Why?  They put themselves in a position to reap good things that come their way.

    Bobby Knight, the famous Indiana University head coach, once said, "The definition of luck is Preparation Meets Opportunity!"

    As to bad luck, well, you do your own inference from the above paragraph.

    There definatly seems to be a knack to being in the right place at the right time.I think you would call that luck. As for gambling luck... well i don't know.

    if it weren't for bad luck......i'd have no luck at all!!



    gloom, despair and misery on me!!

    "The "(trick)" is learning how to use it to your advantage."

    I believe some people have more luck than others.

    Life is merely a game of cards . . . . . . some people are dealt the good cards. Some are dealt the bad cards. But, we all have to play the cards that  we've been dealt.

     And remember-----most people bring their troubles on themselves.


    Good answer!

    Some people are without doubt luckier than others.

    I dont believe in luck I call it Fortunate and what ever word you use you make your own fortune with love work and family

    Sitting at a red light and getting hit broadside is definitely not a lucky day.

    Luck, I'm lucky to have these:



    do you take these everyday Randy !! lol
    Headless Man

    Most twice a day....

    maybe you make your own luck?But if you can learn from something thats gone wrong then youve turned it to your advantage. so its not all bad.  if you are having an unlucky break i hope it improves soon x

    no hunny i only beleve in good luck no bad luck your lucky to have life

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