What do you think of the debt crisis?

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    This eventually will affect just about every household in America, and will take as long as an entire generation to solve.  If the U.S. and the Americans can cut their debts by 50%, this country will emerge very strongly and will be able to compete again.

    I hope it works.. It kinda puts me in mind of a charge card debt.. You hit your credit limit and you call the provider and ask for a limit increase so you can continue buying what you can afford, eventually ending in bankruptcy anyway.. But you get to keep all the cool stuff!   Balancing the debt with cuts is not the answer either as we will remain continually in debt.  I feel the need to cut -cut-cut.. I know that some people keep talking about Medicare and education, how about for starters we cut senate/congress paychecks and benefits, lets cut all the unnecessary 'entitlement' groups, lets cut research on Hitler's whereabouts and other outlandish government studies There's billions if not trillions of dollars invested in these ongoing projects that have no worth to us other than keeping these people off the unemployment list..  I think it is very selfish and inconsiderate attacking the elderly, sick and poor class when there is so much unnecessary spendings that continue on, how about we recognize that trillions of dollars places on stimulus was a failure and admit this to the American people and cut, not spend.-- I guess the 24/7 printing of money got too expensive.. LOL  They printed themselves into a corner, the more they printed, the less it was worth until eventually it was too expensive to continue printing.. HA!! There's gotta be some sense to that someplace.. LOL

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