how popular is pres. obama 8/2/11?

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    Ratings are down, in Pennsylvania with a largely democrat pop his popularity is down considerably, at this time, Romney is overshadowing him..  Overall, if Obama can get the unemployment down to about 8% he stands a better chance of doing well, if unemployment continues at 10% and higher he is in for a seriously bumpy ride.  I believe that unemployment is the issuue of the next election, his stim packages have not worked, tax breaks for the wealthy are coming soon to an end with not chance of it turning around, this will hurt as then these tax incentives will trickle down to working class and more jobs lost.  people of the left will continue blaming Bush and rationalizing Obama's failures as bush's fault and eventually when and if Obama loses, this too will be a reflection on bush because to them, he dug the hole too deep and not even Obama can fix it.  democrats themselves (moderate) are turning on obama, so are the hard left as obama in his struggle to politicize had been trying to pander to the right of issues, so he is losing them too.  He has a rough road ahead. no president had ever won a second term when unemployment was high..

    There are way to many politically stupid people in this country, if that doesn't change he will be elected again. Have you seen the reporters asking average people what they think about current issues? Their brain dead, not a clue about what's going on in this administration. We live in spooky times.

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