How could nuclear reactors still be so hot

    I dont understand how the nuclear reactors could still be so hot? The fusion stopped and the rods supposedly dropped, so why does the news keep acting like fusion could still happen again. The rods become exposed again, which I assume means they are above the sea water, so what? How could fusion start again once it has been stopped. And once again, I understand these are fusion rods but why are they still so hot days later?

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    Heat is generated via fission (not fusion) through the heavy nucleus splitting into two or more lighter nuclei which in turn continue to split other nuclei--on and on. This creats lots of heat and the heat is carried off via water, gas, or liquid metal to steam generators that produces electricity.
    The reactor is cooled 2 ways 1. by the water being carried off and 2. by control rods that control the amount of nutrons being released.

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