child attacked by dog

    What should a child do when being attacked by a rottiwlder/pitbull?

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    DO NOT run because it will just chase you. I know because I Have a PitBull named Buster, and I Know do not run it will attract attention. Just Stay Still. Don't SCREAM.

    First of all teach your child to never approach a strange dog! Also, if an adult walking a dog offers your child a "pet" of their dog teach the child to only offer their hand with fingers curled under and offering the dog top of hand to sniff and to pat the dog on the side of the head, not the top. If they are in danger of being attacked, tell them to never look the dog in they eye and to try and stand still with arms at side (easiser said than done with a small child, they tend to freak) or they can offer the dog their bike or jacket to chew on instead of them, works sometimes, not always. Worse comes to worse dogs generally attack the face, teach child to drop down into a ball, cover their head and be still. Not much more to be said here, sometimes not much will help, depends on the dog. If your child is bit make sure you go back to that spot find the dog and the owner, call police irregardless! It's really much better to teach your child to always be wary of dogs that they don't know especially.


    You are spot on ole hipster, us odies know it all. My daughter said how do you know all this shit? I said because I was born in 1932.
    Another peice of advise is put your head between your legs and kiss your arse (ass for the yanks) goodbye.

    I don't know! :[ fight it. aim for the neck and nose regions. Dogs can
    be vicious especially if they're eating shittyy food. Mainstream dog food
    is full of roadkill corpses, they just throw anything in there, collar and all..
    dogs that vibrate on a lower frequency due to bad health will definitely resort to their
    lowest instincts. So that's my only advice, feed dogs 'healthy' food.. and cats.. never
    Iambs.. never mainstream brands. :]

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