What are some things that REALLY make you angry ?

    anger, rage

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    very good question Spaceghost you can feel the blood boil in some of these answers well done LOL

    Thank you Mel.

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    Animal cruelty   Animal mismanagement    people that don't get their animals desexed,abandoned animals ,dumped animals,starving animals my list is endless when it comes to a animal.  

    As mel said people should be screened to see if they are capable of looking after a pet


    thank you for your so true answer pythonlover lol

    Thanks pythonlover,I agree with you, it makes me angry to see people mistreat animals.

    This is also my one hate in life. Bless you, phthonlover.

    A person of authority mistreating a person because they have the power to do it.  A person that THINKS he/she is better than everyone because they have MONEY.


    I agree, so true. :-)

    Thanks friend,:-)

    Down deep those people are insecure, I think (I hope!)

    I think you're right itsmee, I think they are insecure.

    The mistreatmrent of Animals. People who do not alter theire dogs and cats. The Government for destroying our country. The high salaries and Pensions of Government and Town employees.

    doctors that dont listen to you, or take you serious, i'm in severe pain & the dr can't see it so he does'nt beleive me and won't treat me for pain, the bastard.......thats just ONE example i had to deal with yesterday


    I hate to hear that you're in pain, you might need to get you a doctor that listens to you. Thank you for the info.


    i think it's a rule of medicine that doctors HAVE to listen to your account of pain (I know they don't) spaceghost is right. get another doctor. it might take awhile.

    thankyou, i will

    Can you go to Hospital Emergency, for the attention you really need and be seen by Doctor there.?

    good idea

    that is shocking!!you need to get a second opinion.good luck,let us know how you get on x


    shoot wonderer, may be we got the same quack!

    hypocrite left wing liberals that cant get our country (usa) on the right track!

    All of the above in what Darren and spacegost had said yes  I despize  people in the UK who have got money and have not worked for it as it has been passed down by thier parents and they are just low life snobs who mummy and daddy buy them a apartment for million bucks and they never have to work and they laugh at the low lifes which is the general public and they call us swamp like things and this is very true as documentry was made about this super young rich (WHO DONT WORK) put them in the real world and they would fall apart and the other lot who take for granted that if they own a ANIMAL they can do what they like with it I think everyone should be veted for animals ans this includes Children before they are allowed to have them !


    Thank you Mel, I agree with you a hundred percent. Appreciate the input.

    thanks Spaceghost as commented damn good question anymore and we will all be waiting LOL

    People that let their dog poop on my lawn, and don't pick it up.

    Drunk drivers.

    People that won't return their shopping cart to the cart corral.

    People that use their grandmother's handicap card to park in handicap places.

    People that feel its ok to drive in the passing lane, regardless of how slow they drive.

    I'd go on but I don't want anyone to feel I'm full of hate/anger. :o)


    Thanks Flip, I agree with them all. Appreciate the input.

    I agree with them all flip. in ca, there's a fine of five hundred dollars or more if someone uses grandma's handicap card.

    That's good itsmee, they should be fined for using grandma's handicap card.

    cruelty to animals and elder abuse.Cars parked on pavements blocking wheelchair access


    Thank you leosmaml, I've seen it ALL, cruelty to animals, abuse to elders and blocking wheelchair access, it makes me angry also.

    dumb ass ?from kids or idiots,some adults inc"l..........lazy people that are capable of work,but choose to stay on welfare and raise their kids the same way'''''''''''''''illegals and the wonderfull stuff our goverment does for them...............i could go on forever....

    Bloody muslims and those bloody buqas.


    You sound prejudice.Cathoilcs cant talk. I hope your not a Catholic.

    I AM A RACIST AGAINST MUSLIMS and iam not catholic,-- Anglican. what does a catholic got to do with racism?

    Parents who set  bad examples for their kids. Getting stoned with them. Buying booze for them. When they (the kids) get in trouble, It's someone else's fault that junior got busted. They are raising a generation of misfits, because they themselves are misfits. This is so pervasive nowadays it boggles the mind. They belong in jail with their kids.


    I agree,and these kids are our next generation.

    A BIG THUMBS UP Ed !!! You are absolutely RIGHT. I've seen it myself, I was at a party years ago and a guy I knew( my age ) was at the party with his wife and daughter. The daughter got drunk and was puking all over the place and the guy and his wife though it was funny and was laughing. It REALLY PISSED ME OFF!!! My wife and some more friends had to HOLD me, I was going to whip his ASS. You're right when junior get in trouble it's always someone else fault.

    Car drivers who either do not know (how come they have a license) the road rules such as indicating when they are Leaving a roundabout  also turning into a two lane road and going to the kerbside lane instead of staying in the right hand lane then INDICATING and moving to the kerkside lane.

    Kids and adults on push bikes who pay no fees do no test for road rule knowledge yet think they own the road. Add to this the fact that millions of dollars of public money provides bike lanes and the users contribute sweet bugger all to the cost by way of reistration fees as we do with cars.

    thank you Spaceghost,you do see too much of it

    Republicians, child molesters, murderers, traitors, thiefs, smart alecs, left lane drivers, dope dealers, anamial abusers, 2 faced people. and the list goes on and on


    Thank you matheneyg for the info, you're the list goes on and on.

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