why do we let the goverment push us around

    Grrrr im tired of sitting under money driven crazy old guys....and I cant believe we let a not so black crazy man become our president just because he stole a saying off of bob the builder "yes we can" I just want to know what he is spending our money on...with all the money he is spending we should all get free dependent on every other country that hates us....

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    They have all the guns!

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    They spend millions of dollars just changing the language of the judicial system so they can pass laws that make slaves of people which look innocent. That and war. And secret black ops projects.. :]

    Label a group of people as domestic terrorist lockem up then they have elimated the opposition Sound familiar think it can't happen here the law is already in effect and WE THE PEOPLE let it happen

    What can we do about it???


    That typical catch cry only serves to reinforce problems that need to be solved,replace it with "This is what we will do about it".

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