if a three legged dog tryed to pee would it fall over

    If a three legged dog tryed to pee would it fall over

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    Depends on which leg is missing I imagine if it's a male. I'm sure they learn balance.

    Most boy dogs only use 3 legs too pee.

    not if its a female

    I had a dog who had 3 legs. Seriously, he ran across the street when he saw another dog and got hit by a bus. He never fell over. It was not my fault. Someone else was "watching "him.

    If it is a male it has already one leg permanently cocked. Dogs lift their leg to throw their bum out of gear so they don`t s--- themselves.

    lol you guys are so smart....i thought if the dog learned of too levitate and had super powers all would be good

    What if it had no tail

    My sister's dog would pee doing a "hand stand" on his front two tegs. Talk about weird!!!

    Not if it was frosty.

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