if a three legged dog tryed to pee would it fall over

    If a three legged dog tryed to pee would it fall over

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    Depends on which leg is missing I imagine if it's a male. I'm sure they learn balance.

    Most boy dogs only use 3 legs too pee.

    not if its a female

    I had a dog who had 3 legs. Seriously, he ran across the street when he saw another dog and got hit by a bus. He never fell over. It was not my fault. Someone else was "watching "him.

    If it is a male it has already one leg permanently cocked. Dogs lift their leg to throw their bum out of gear so they don`t s--- themselves.

    My sister's dog would pee doing a "hand stand" on his front two tegs. Talk about weird!!!

    Not if it was frosty.

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