why is it women can be so bitchy?

    why is it women can be so bitchy? i hear women bitching about women all the time. its like they can't wish well for them.

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    They are still adapting to the 'feminist' movement. You forget that culture takes time
    to adapt. This is a process.. and yes, I concur. I find that many of them become arrogant
    because they wish to be less feminine, and so they repress their emotions.. this can be a dark
    side of a female, since their minds are programmed to have a high emotional response since
    they are the ones who must bare children, they are hardwired to be more emotional, and they take
    on roles of managers nowadays more than males.. well, it's not easy but, it's just a cultural
    and conscious evolution. =] much love,
    and no hard feelings towards the ladies. But I do wonder
    if this is why more guys are turning gay nowadays.. :P

    I'm a women and I hate them! All most of them do is complain about their bodies, change themselves, and compare themselves to other women, and if they don't like another woman from just looking at them they talk shit. Not ALL women, but most anyways.

    ole hipster

    I'm with you EM123! I am a woman also and have never much cared for women either. Best friends were generally all men (and friends only!).


    you just described me. lol.

    Well I do not truly know the answer to this one, but I work around a bunch of men and when they are being cut throats and dragging others through the dirt and putting many knives in their backs it is called moving up but when women speak out it is called bitching......go figure......guess times have not changed much.


    Well in my own experience, guys don't move up by being cut throats, that seems like a very cartoony perspective. Women bring their emotions in to the job too much because they are naturally more emotional, that's my only point. Guys and girls both have problems, but guys are well adapted to leadership roles and some women need to evolve a little bit still. =] no hard feelings.

    Because men can be so annoying.

    Hormones, PMS Stress Yes good answer up there women do run more on emotion then men, much more. It seems like they worry much more as well, worrying will stress you out. I love the ladies, but sometimes very difficult to understand.

    Sarah Epton

    I believe the hermone is called Estrogen in this case ^___^

    True, women have testosterone as well, seems like that stuff makes everyone cranky, especially when adding it to body build. Thanks, Sarah

    Good day ladies!!! I personally have no problem with other women.. no I am not attracted to them, I just have realized at 42 I love who I am and don't find the need to compare or feel threatened anymore.I am beautiful and very happy with who I am.Both men and women can be bitchy it's just that in a lot of cases there is an ulterior motive for the affection we receive from our male friends.I have had many male friends through the years and pretty much every one of them had other thoughts than just being a good pal, not all but most.I have found that there are a lot of women who would agree with you but it is a lot of wasted energy not liking people. I have to agree that a lot of this is simply being insecure with who you are and what you look like. Also the sad part for us women is the fact that pms is a true health issue...we all say and do things out of character. I also have to say that no woman will criticize or try to dominate someone that they aren't themselves afraid of or threatened by bringing me back to the same insecurity issue we have all shared at one time or another.Remember that there can be pride in BITCH=Beautiful, Intelligent, and Totally in Control of Herself. Relax...there is enough hate in this world, smile more and feel bad for the women out there that have not figured out how great we all are.We are all sisters in this crazy world, like it or not.


    Have you heard of that new site called "I LOVE MY BODY" You talk just like what they teach. to love yourself and care for your body. If you don''t love yourself, you cannot love someone else.

    A girl is taught at a very early age. that she can behave... out of control, irrationally, indulgent, insane Evan. And it is accepted, unconditionally, regardless, with little or NO consequences. They are catered to, and pampered. Had a mother, sisters, wife, daughter... ALL THE SAME ! Boys on the other hand are scolded, punished, hit, incarcerated, if they exhibit irresponsibility or careless behaviors. Women get sympathy.

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