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    is it necessary to be married, is a lifetime commitment enough?

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    That is for each couple to decide. Personally, I'd say a lifetime commitment is ok. Concerning the legal protection, you can set up a contract even without being married. Personally, I'd like to marry someday, but for purely romantic reasons.

    If you're willing to put in a lifetime of commitment to a person, then why not marry him or her? There are plenty of benefits outside the actual declaration of commitment itself, such as insurance benefits, tax benefits, etc.

    Marriage is a promise for a lifetime commitment, something women have let men get away without, he get what he wants, without the commitment.

    I am too old and set in my ways and quite old fashioned to change my ways now I believe in the old way of dating boy asks girl out on date they get to know each other become friends and go from that point..

    Marrige for women is secure and they can still expect payment after divorce regardless of answer no

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