What is a general rocket camea worth?

    Made in Japan in 1950's

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    1 Establish the camera make and model. This can be a little tricky. Some manufacturers changed features in particular model lines over time. The best way to establish the exact make and model is to find a website that lists serial numbers, and their corresponding manufacturing dates and feature sets.

    2 Do an eBay search for your make and model of camera. Price depends heavily on the condition of the camera, so keep this in mind when reviewing sale prices on eBay. EBay prices also tend to be lower than retail prices on commercial websites or at retail stores that carry used cameras.

    3 Search the Used Store at B & H Photo Video. Consider this price to be the highest possible price that you can get for a camera on the open market.

    4 Search the Adorama used-equipment section. In general, Adorama is a good comparison for a mid to high price for a private sale.

    5 Look up the camera make and model at KEH. KEH will give you a low to mid-priced estimate of how much your camera could sell for in a private sale. Remember, condition of the equipment is very important.

    6 Compare the prices from the aforementioned websites.

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