Screwed......we are all screwed!

    Why is no one complaining to the u.s government that there are no jobs and unemployment has doubled in the last year?

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    Do not worry, but do not rely on the government either. I was in the same shape, since 2006, I've had quite a battle. I'm a single mom. Worked for a finance company that sold out. Worked for a temp service till they went bust, found a great job with a advertising company, Free insurance, access to a fitness facility for free, they went bust. So I had to take the unemployment, I went to CNA school 2 weeks and cost 700.00, I got two certificates, terrible wages, hard work but I put 6 mos in went to school got a certified medication aid, now I'm going to college to get my RN degree so the strength has to come from individuals and not wait on the government.



    Good for you Joyce on never giving up! Too many are looking for the cushy job so ignore the hard jobs and then complain there's no work. When there's no one around to throw a rope down into the pit you're trapped in, that's the time you find a way of climbing out on your own. You did that. Good on you : )

    ole hipster

    I commend your perseverance...hope you land a great job in the healthcare field..we need good people like you..espcially we "baby boomers"!


    Way to go Joyce!

    I think we're more screwed because of what the LATEST U.S. actions have sparked. (Libya) Now EVEN MORE anti-American protests and demonstrations are popping up and will soon be followed by more suicide bombings.



    It's a UN action, not a U.S. action. We have not taken the lead in this. There are enough reasons that Bush created during his reign of terror for the world to hate us over, that's were the hate is jumping off from with our involvement with the UN in Libya. I'm watching CNN now to see about these anti-American protests and demonstrations you claim are happening. I hadn't heard of any until I read your post. Nothing so far on CNN so I'll try FOX, they're usually into the drama aspects of anything that happens.

    It has been engineered to fail. It's not conspiracy theory.

    Here's a place to start. You don't have to believe it but you should start thinking about what's real and what's not.


    I havent actually gone to your link Roger but I assume your refering to the One World Government/New World Order/Illuminati kind of scenario.I have to admit to looking into it the last couple of days with an open yet sceptical brain.Some of it is very hard to swallow but it seems that the kind of future I've been increasingly nervous about since 9/11 has echos of the NWO intentions.The steady errosion of our liberties,increasing surveillance from CCTV,microchips in our credit cards,taxs discs etc the time is not far off when we are traceable 24 hrs and everyday of our lives.We arent citizens anymore but consumers.The real power is the global market.Our childrens education is not about knowledge or morals but purely a preparation for work.These things arent wild conspiracy but happening now,watch the news.To me it's not what i was brought up to believe my country stood for or grandad fought hitler for

    First off Joyce and improvegolf welcome to our little world here! Always can used new blood (: TSC (a relative oldster on this site) is right on with his answer. I personally have become rather jaded with even trying to complain as what good does it really do except frustrate you further when you write your congressmen, senators, etc. etc. demanding and/or asking for questions or actions? I have not seen it do much of any good. If anyone DOES have ideas of what to do that would really work concerning your question, bring it on!! (:

    I'm not a doomsdayer but it is only going to get worse in my opinion. We R seeing more disasters throughout the world. More political unrest, more conflicts over natural resources. As we have seen recently in the ME more governments R being overthrown, and the dictators R leaving with billions of $$. There will be riots over food, race, the have&have not's, and there WILL be something disastrous happen in the USA!

    Well i did think that it was cyclic,it's is a fundamental law that everything goes in cycles.In my lifetime it was bad thru the 70's then Maggie Thatcher and the 80's boom times but by time i left school in 88 we were in recession again n jobs were scarce.Things picked up just in time for Tony Blair in 97 to step in.We got a decade of growth but last few years have been tough.I think the US is going through the sort of uncertain future for it's core industries that we went through in the 70's when our own manufacturing couldnt compete with the glut of cheap imports flooding in.Pay no attention to Gadaffi's anti US shite he didnt give a damn for his fellow arab/muslim neighbours before and they seem content to sit back and watch him die.Egypt n Tunisia sorted themselves out without western intervention.The people of the ME want change lets hope it ends well.

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