what can I use to level a concrete floor

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    1 Clean the Concrete Floor
    First clean the concrete floor. Nail a piece of wood across any openings such as doorways or hallways. This will keep the concrete patching from getting out of the room.

    2 Mixing the Concrete Compound
    Take your concrete leveling compound and mix it to a thin consistency. Now pour the concrete leveling compound onto the concrete floor and use a wide broom with soft bristles to smooth it over. This is your first coat of concrete primer. If the concrete floor is newer you will only need one coat of primer, if the concrete floor is older it may need two coats of concrete primer. Let the primer dry as specified on the bag.

    3 Finished Concrete Floor
    Now mix another batch of concrete leveling compound but this time make it a thicker consistency follow the instructions on the bag. Start pouring the concrete in a corner of the room and mix another batch and pour it next to the first batch along a wall. Repeat this until you have gone the entire length of the wall, then work back across the room. Pour new rows of concrete next to the previously poured batch until you have done the entire room. Let the concrete compound level itself. Now let the concrete compound dry and that's it. You can now level uneven concrete floors.

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