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    Is Red Wine good for health ?

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    Unexpected Health Benefits of Red Wine>>

    Red wine, in modera is the latest cure all with pleasant side effects. Drinking a glasss or two smal one in the evening benefits you several ways. My friend’s mother was jack sprack thin and just didn’t want to eat. She was prescribed a hefty glass of red wine before meals and as an appetite enhancer, she started eating. She got friendlier too. Red wine is good for the digestion, it encourages the chewed food that didn’t get broken down by spit to break apart beganning it’s journey to the duodenum. Red wine is also good for the blood, encourages iron asorb more readily (iron is all but impossible to absorb. Ascorbic acid is needed to ease the absorbing of iron). Better than sucking on a lemon. Red wine has antiseptic qualities and can aid in healing mouth sires. Cooking with red wine makes for some delicious meal,too.....

    the above is what I learned in nursing school. Nutrition was my best subject. The books for referencping are long gone......

    Just a little every day would be good for your heart, but if you don't drink don't start now!

    It can also help with forgetting yesterday..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    The money the store makes selling it. 

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