Is anyone still interested in live chat?

    Disclaimer...I am in no way trying to step on the toes of the site operators. So please delete this if you do not want live chat for the members.

    I've set up an off site chat room for those who are still interested in chatting with each other. I thought we should at least give it a try and see how having live chat works out before they go through the bother of adding one to this site only to find out no one likes it after a while. This chat has all the features I think you'll want. You will have to save this topic to favorites or save the link somewhere as this chat is not tied into this forum. Yes, it does offer block user so if you do not like what someone is saying, you can block them (right click on their name in the members list and select "ignore"). This only blocks them for you, it does not block them from the rest of the members in the room. There is also the option for private chat. You can talk one on one privately on an issue you may have with one another.

    So see how you all like live chat and then decide if you really want them to integrate it into this forum.

    Chat room link NOTE: Hold down on the SHIFT key on your keyboard then click the link. This will open the chat in a new window so you don't lose the forum.

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    pina just because I do not believe the way you do and just because you do not like me, that does not make me a devil worshiper. Be careful about tossing slander. I don't even believe the devil exists. I don't believe in hell. That's a Christian thing to believe in the 2 and I'm not a Christian. I have a religion, I believe in God I just don't believe in the concocted Jesus/God. I believe in the God who created the man Jesus. Jesus is not God. You will find that out.



    @ Sammy, he'll be back. He's been about a week now signing in under different names. Each name gets suspended. As soon as you see a question about Bobby Driscol, treasure island, or some children's book, that will be him.



    Nice pina, you get even by voting me down on this thread? LOL That's abuse of the vote system you know ; )



    Thank you Ms Sinclair. JDB and I are in chat now.


    I also have gone to the chat link here and its always just me there. If u want, give me a date and time and i will visit it.

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    banksizit is looking for people to chat with. Here's the link sing in using the screen name you use here. Say hi, get to know each other.

    JDB and I are in chat now.


    i actually meant to give you pina a thumbs down not a thumbs up!

    Okay I have a mac puter I will try and get back to ya.


    Darci, I've sent you a request in skype. You will see two of them. One will tell you to delete the other. When you log into Skype, you will see them. Cancel the first one and accept the second one.

    Well let me know I know nothing about Skype and does it cost anything?


    Skype is free. Just download it. When you need to put in a user name, Put Darci and then a fake last name so others will not know your real names. In order to join rooms in Skype you have to share contact details which is mainly your name so again create a fake last name. After you've done that, put your created name here and I can send you a contact request and put you in the akaQA room.

    I would be very much so how do you get to it?


    Actually I gave up on the idea due to lack of interest. I closed the chat room. If people want to get Skype, I'd be willing to create a chat room there. This way when you have chat on, you can see anytime a person posts to the room. Skype is an easy download.

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