How do I replace the print head in my Canon printer

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    My color prints are comming out with horizontal even lines in one color
    I know what she means, my Canon printer the printhead is separate.

    before you replace it I will give you some sound advice, only buy canon inks, the print head gets very hot and those cheap inks will clog the nozzles, they are very tiny. canon inks are more expensive but your print head cost more.. I ruined mine doing this.

    before you replace it, remove it and let it sit in alcohol over night, then allow 'lukewarm' water from your sink run over it but with very light pressure, do this for about 10 minutes, remove it and shake it out. Place it out of the way on a paper towel for about 12~24 hours. if it is clogged, this should do it for you.. if not, you can try again or you can go buy and expensive print head.
    What model, the print head comes with the new cartage on most of them.
    Bea, here's a forum talking about a similar printer from canon, they are saying basically the same thing I said about running water and alcohol over it -- read some of the comments, it sounds like your problem, especially as I mentioned before you went with non-canon inks.
    here, check this out..
    Canon pixma ip 4000/ip300

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