Burial or Cremation?

    Do you want to be buried or cremated? Reason?

    I want to be cremated. Eventually we'll run out of places to bury people so I'll leave a spot for someone who would prefer burial. My body is for this world so don't really care what happens to it after I'm gone.

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    Cremate me. I don't want to take up space, send my ashes out with the trash. I do have a small container of my mother's ashes though.....

    I will probably be buried because of family plans, not mine. No difference to me God can resemble.

    Cremation leave no pollution, dust to dust or is it smoke?

    Cremation. No funeral. I'm good!

    I don't really care one way or the other, though it may be important to some family members.

    My personal jury (consisting of myself) is still deliberating.  Cremation would cost so much less, but my parents purchased a burial site for me years ago.  

    Either way , i guess cremation is probably more economicly viable , either way your body turns to ash..

    As I came into the world Bare, Bald, and Broke, I may go out the same.  Luckily, I have a few bucks, and If you want to attend the wake, be prepared, there will be an opened casket.  Bring magnifiers. 

    Burn my azz... yup.. Then spread my ash in our fields. We've taken so much from the lands that would be my small contribution back to the land.

    Does this question scare you?


    No it's a good question.

    When I posted it, it took over a day for someone to answer so I thought maybe people were afraid to think about it.

    Cremation once proven dead.

    Buried, I want to leave here with all my parts that I still have left.

    Me three

    cremation,i don`t want my family to see with all that thick makeup on.

    Cremated, and my ashes spread over San Diego harbor.

    The DNR doesn't want you to put ashes on water form lakes, rivers, oceans, anymore.
    Throughout time, there is a mounding of the blowing winds forming a new layer of soil above what we currently see. As the decades pass, and generations have gone, we end up digging down into it to find what is now covered. So, there will always be room to bury this generation of us, including the next.

    I? would prefer the new method they've come up with. it is a freeze process quite similar to cremation. however, the whole body is freeze-dried and shaken to dust. it is then scattered.

    i prefer a high hill, or above a falling of waters. Spread me to the winds, among the forget me nots!

    Your sister,


    Our garbage collection happens early on Wednesday mornings and I have always told my wife if I should pass on a Tuesday & there's enough room in the wheelie bin??? Feel free!

    If not that way then cremation for me.I don't want to risk being buried alive.The claustrophobia would kill me.


    I don't want to risk being thrown in the oven alive !

    I don't want my body just lying there rotting. GROSS!


    It doesn't rot, b/c it's embalmed

    Cremation..Every time!!..I don`t want to lie in a cold grave underground..Just set fire to me!;-)


    Wow, this question is 2 years old. Are you bored?
    MILLIE333 time to be bored..just wanted you all to know my wishes!!..But don`t set fire to me until I say!!;-)lol x

    LOL, we will wait until you are cold and need warming up :)

    Stone cold please often blue with cold but still alive!..Please check very carefully first!;-)

    I'll hold a mirror to your nose ;)

    Thanks Colleen..So long as there are at least TWO Drs there to back up your findings!;-0

    Pshhhh, you want doctors too? Now you're just getting demanding.

    Maybe I don`t trust you with the`ll give it 20 seconds before I go up in smoke!...I need to be sure!;-) xx

    Wha? 20 seconds not long enough? 0.0

    I won't be in a cold dirt grave under ground , b/c my late husb and I bought crypts in a mausoleum :-) He's already in one , near his parents and siblings.

    I look back on times like this in memory of all those ways of dying...there have been so many. After that there is the mess that someone will clean up usually.'re done with it and it won't do anything for you so you just have to give it up and how the rubbish is dealt with breaks my heart when I see my friends and relatives crying over my remains, as if, I'm sill there. I dislike funerals...hearing all of my friends and relatives thinking about what's left behind for them and concerned over the lack of your support and help. And open some can see and hear you and will talk with you. I told a young boy and girl that my uncle by marriage had poisoned me with strictnine to cover his theft of my savings in an old couch. That was well worthwhile. I think they hanged him for that. The tradition of preserving bodies is so curiously insane...You would think they would stuff it like a trophy and play an animating recording of some famous speech or stupid remark. Whatever.     

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