If a man that you have been dating for almost 6 months tells you he needs space, but does not want to break up, and wants to keep the plans you have for the near future to attend a show, how do I keep from going crazy waiting to see what will happen.

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    You should never be obsess with someone or anything for that matter,sooner or latter it will bring you pain,Give yourself room to think and see what he's up to?than you'll know if he is sincere and trust wordy.

    I know this is hard and it is only a decision you can make because you know the whole story and I do not.   But in life I have found that when someone tells you they need more space but try to string you along they are checking out other possibilities and see if they work out first you know the old saying a bird in the hand?  I would myself give him his space right on out of my life for good but then I am not you and that is something you will have to make a decision and choice on.  I wish you love, peace and happiness because you most likely deserve it and I do not believe he needs to be there, but that is completely up to you.

    I think it is time for you to pick up your "tail" count your blessings and say ..... " Hasta la vista baby "

    Go on AKA and answer silly questions

    Give him the space. Being a MAN (last time I checked) I can understand what hes feeling right now. He probably just needs some time to chill.

    He'll be calling you in a few days or so.......week tops.

    IF NOT, hes probably had enough of your nagging and bit*hing and wants to get as far away from you as he possibly can before you get your spiny claws sunk into him.


    Have a nice day!

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