i gotta find them

    my heart is weak,i have heart,weakcardiomyapathy n illness thats herditory,i found out i had it 3yrs ago,wen i suffered a heart attack and stroke,s,serv took my kids,saying ime to ill to look after four little ones,i know ime not going to b around wen there older,will i ever see them again,???????

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    The best answer and only answer I know of is if you are a christian and believe and they are also yes you will see them again in heaven.

    Social Services should be making sure your kids are brought to visit you, at least once a week. You may not be well enough to take care of them but you should still have the connection with them just as long there isn't any negativity to upset them or you. All of you need lots of TLC, and there isn't anything more healing than love of family. Hopefully, you will persue this idea with S.S. who knows, I'm feeling your Sweethearts are soon to be back in your life! God Bless All of You!

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