I like this guy but he barely notices me what do i do?

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    Do you know this persons friends? If so join there company as often as possible and be really fun and friendly but try not to come across as desperate for his attention. Try to engage him in conversation and take an interest in what he says If you don't know his friends and are a virtual stranger to him, try to go to the odd place that he goes to and smile at him when you see him perhaps building up to saying hello once you have done this a few times. Eye contact is key here, try to hold his gaze and be confident about yourself. Guys love girls that are confident without arrogance and girls they can have a laugh with and getting on with there mates is very important. So make as much effort with them as much as you do this guy. If you get his mates onside your almost there. But most importantly if he just doesn't show any interest at all move on and treat him the same as ever and he may change his mind in the future. We all look for different things at different times. GOOD LUCK!


    I wonder, what I could DO or say to make him like me.  I wonder what or who I need to be, to be his.

    I wonder, when just being me is enough.

    ......Never stop hoping!




    you cant force someone to like you but you can make yourself a likeable person by being yourself. And you should never try to change yourself just to be with someone. It never works and you will get taken advantage of. Guys can smell desperation a mile off and he will abuse this if you let him. Be yourself and nothing else! I am thinking you are very young and this is probably a first crush? They are painful to live with at the time but it will soon pass believe me Every teen experiences it.

    A little cleavage always got my attention. :)

    I think he said he likes this guy.  Or em i wrong good buddy.

    just tell him! lifes to short you may never get another chance!

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