i need to live a normal life

    i sllep all day and get up in the night,i dont wanna see real moms going to school with there kids,ive lost mine,ime gutted,

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    If you don't want to speak to a shrink at least speak with your minister.

    Raider_retired 3_29_

    An exta T.U. for my friend w/ a good solution.

    I thought I had all the facts but obviously I don't... Did you give your kids up for adoption or where they taken from you???? If you gave the up you can find joy in the fact that they are being raised by ppl who despritely wanted children.
    You NEED to get some sort of coulseling... your pain is so apparent to all of us. However, we are not equipt to give you all that you need. Best wishes.

    Karen Don't try to cope with this on your own. Go to the doctor and ask to speak to a counsellor.

    Karen you need to speak to a councilor, not strangers on the net. A councilor is trained to help. Yes u need a normal life so please for your own sake get some help. You are torchuring yourself.

    Talk to any close friend, a minister, or a counselor. You seem very depressed. But we are all worthwhile, so don't give up on trying. Do something, any little thing, every day, that is a step toward getting out there in the world and toward a goal. Even if it is just walking to the mailbox to get the mail, that gets you out of the house. The next day, wave at a neighbor. Call a friend the next day, and tell her or him at least one good thing. And try to cultivate those friendships that are positive in nature, so that you begin to pick up some of the good energy. Gradually, you will have moved closer to a sense of happiness.
    I don't know why you lost your kids. That is a devastating thing. You must miss them. Maybe you feel like a failure. Whatever you may have done wrong in the past, today is a new day, and tomorrow can hold a dream for you that is happy. There is nothing on this earth that cannot be solved, even if you think it is hopeless right now. Please don't shut yourself away and let yourself sink any farther into depression. You can fix this. But I believe you need a good, strong, positive network of people that care about you, and want to see you feeling better.

    MY name is Don.I have the same problem sleep most of the day stay awake all night.I have 11 children 15 grandchildren.My wife left 2 years ago i am wheelchair bound.Been handicapped 43 years my kid's never come visit only when they need something.I live by myself in a 5 bedroom house.I know where you're coming from.You have to be strong to live in this world now day's.I got saved and go to church it really help's.Don't let the doctor pump you full of drugs.If i could give you my number maybe i could help.but can't give number out over the computer.So be strong and hang in there it will get better. DON

    I'm sorry to hear that. The truth is that anything negative can be turned in to something positive. Become aware, look inward, and be creative!.. you will learn to love yorself again, because creation is love energy. =] Much love

    cause i didnt give em up,s,serv took em saying i was too ill to lok after 4 kids,i have never had there involvement before i was ill,i have no involment now,they came to my house once ,the day they took em,they have never been back to my house since.i still have contactwith my eldest son,they will not let the kids see each other,

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