how do i carry on

    how do i carry on in life without my family

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    If you had a so-called family like mine was you would learn that you are much better off without them. But then my family was very very dysfunctional and toxic to me so my life is much better without them.

    I can sympathize with you as I lost my children due to separation from my ex when they were young. I don't wish to go into details bu I managed to keep on going, actually mostly for their sake. I now have long distance relationships with all three (they live many states away) and see them as often as possible. Just keep thinking in your mind: "This too shall pass". After awhile the pain will dull somewhat and you'll be able to think more logically and keep on trying to find some sort of counseling and/or legal help. Keep on investigating same. Just keep on keeping on! Don't be silly and try any rash measures, NOT too productive for sure. Be strong! DON'T MAKE ME WORRY!! Love, peace and understanding to you.

    You just do

    To vague. If you want answers you'll havt to give details. At least for me.


    it was the so called proffessionals who fcked my lifeup,i tried to get help,nobody will fight the authorities

    psyco mum

    read back. Karen has posted allot of depressing questions and she wont get professional help.

    emmmm.... agree wid encourager wud luv 2 know a little bit more ... did u separate or ...? its kinda hard 2 answer without actual reason... when i decided to leave my husband... i told him that i wud consider u dead coz people die but life goes on never ends with someone...:(

    i was ill in intensive care s,serv took my kids,my mom,sister ,brothers havnt spoke to me since,4yrs now,

    psyco mum

    you have made it through four years,this is encouraging. you can make it through another four. Keep going Karen. Your girls will come to you when they are old enough to find you themselves.

    There would have to be somekind of legal reason y they toke them away do you know why?

    You know what your family deep down in thier souls want you to live and love and make peace with your life it is the hardest thing you will ever do and the most rewarding. Your children and family will come back on their own time and you will too. Hang, hope and be happy tomorrow only starts more days full of hope.

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