what do you do when your husband is taking everything the 2 of you put together just to give them to his parents. he is sick and is parrinoid i am afraid and have no where to go but the apt that has been home for 9 yrs by the way your married to him for 15yrs and do't get along with his mother.

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    First ask yourself do I really love this guy, do you? I mean really love no B.S.. Then do you have children together , or children from other encounters. Next the things ,because thats all they are are things,how important are they, are thy worth money . Next if in fact he is paranoid he needs to get help, weather or not he is open to getting help is up to him. Maybe he is getting ready to fly the coop. Do you work are you finical secure with without him . If so go take yourself ONE long vacation . to think. Come back strong to say good by

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    Well first I would open my own checking account and not have his name on it anywhere 2nd I would try my best to get over the fear of leaving and leave.  I can promise you living alone will not kill you and is  much better for  you and your well-being and peace of mind than living with someone who is making your life a living hell.  But that is a choice only you can make.

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