wedding colors... sunflowers and deep purple?

    I am trying to figure out if sunflowers would go with a deep purple theme at my wedding this fall? what do you think?

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    sound wonderful and very colorful and full of joy weddings are like fiestas aren't they?
    best of luck

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    My vote is no.... But remember it is YOUR day. Do what make you happy. The only reason I say no is because if the large brown center of the sunflower.

    I think that Sunflowers being the bright bright yellow/orange color they are would go good with a very deep dark purple and if that is what you want then that is what you should do. I think that it would be different and really pretty.

    I think if you made yellow and brown your main colors with hints of deep purple it would look amazing! Its a great color palette, you can always go to your local paint store and see what they look like together with the samples they have available.

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