What are the top 3 reasons US should attack Iran?

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    We have no reason to attack Iran.  We are in 2 wars now and that would only make things worse for our country.



    That would be a bad idea.

    The U.S. should not attack Iran period !  The U.S. has already laid waste to Iraq and Iraq never did anything to harm us. Now, the U.S. is in about 5 countries shootin people and bombing the country.. That's where all our money went.


    You have some really serious inaccuracies there.. :) I don't think we should attack Iran either.. Your claims that we have 'laid waste' to Iraq. is wrong, we have actually built it up, check your facts on that.. 'shootin' and bombing' thats where our money went' This is a bit off base too, once again, check the facts on where much of our spending is going, its not 'shooting and bombing..' As a matter of fact, we send more money to other countries to help them out of their messes they get into.. We have people here in US that would love to have this 'foreign aid' given to them instead. We don't start wars, we finish them, Saddam was killing his own people, we saved them from further death and opression, the Iraqi people love us for that. They are happy we came and bailed them out (at the cost of our soldiers-not the cost to our pockets) You're right on this though, I wish we wouldn't involve ourselves in other countries wars but would 'liberal' America stand for this? Think about that, we are the 'do-gooders' this is what liberal America wants to win the hearts and minds.. You can't have it both ways, if you want us to help them out, then there will be objections and there will be war, but then, when the dust and blood clears, you have a happy nation.. (that still hates us???) LOL

    As a conservative American, I can honestly say, I do not want war, I do not want to 'help them out of their messes' I do not want to see one soldier of ours with one hair harmed doing it but, regardless who is seated in the whitehouse, democrat or republican, we will always come to the aid of our neighbors like it or not.. I wish it weren't so... But on the other hand, if world tyranny is left unchecked, how long before they cut our heads off on our own soil??

    We should be attacking our debt...


    Well said. TU


    All mankind should live in peace.  Like the theme of Beethoven's No. 9 symthony, we are all brethren.  Why do we need a United Nations?  End all the wars! 

    i dont see any reason. USA have not money on REAL BIG WAR. Iran is not weak Iraq with very very old technologies, is not Auganistan. It it will really very long and blooody war.

     And it will fully destable reign. Maybe Israel have real reasons to destroy Iran..


    But I think... US and Israel just must kill Iran president. They look like psycho


    #1.  Oil

    #2. Oil

    #3 Oil

    As to protecting the people of Iran, how naive can you be?  America could care less about the people there.


    Oil is getting old now, its not oil anymore, this was proven in Iraq, we didn't take one drop of it and we certainly could have-- As a matter of fact, ted Kennedy (rip) was pissed off because we didn't take it, he said in senate metting.. "Why aren't we taking what we have earned?? We earned the oil in Iraq, we should take it.." He said this, he is a liberal Democrat.. while all the protests over oil for blood, he said this and it stopped overnight.. He pretty much ruined the 'No blood for oil' agenda.. He shot that one right out from under the lefts foot..
    So, lets forget the oil chants.. besides, this administration made it clear that they don't want oil, they want alternative energy.. Oil is 'old hat'...

    Let's just suppose I agree with you. If oil price were to hit $150 a barrel tomorrow, what would happen to this country?

    Answer: Up SH*T CREEK.

    This administration made a lot of assertions. This is one that cannot be kept. Look at the way we live? Our lives are all predicated on the flow of OIL. Just look around. If your reference were about New Zealand, I'd totally agree with you.

    There is no reason at all to attack Any country.   period

    ahmadinejad.   ahmadinejad,   ahmadinejad..   ........

        NO NEED

    Iran will eventually drop one of its new "Nuke Toys" on Israel and either the Israelis or the US will lay waste to Iran in retaliation.

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