how to get myhusband to love me again

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    Wow... that hurts. I am sorry to hear you do not feel loved. I know that in my marriage we have had our IN LOVE highes and our Tolerating each other lows. It just seems the cycle around like the. We love each other to pieces but we just cant maintian the IN love high. We have been married 17 years. I hope this helps... LOTS OF LOVE!

    I have gone through this feeling on and off with my boyfriend throughout the years. I find that when I take time to tell him how great he does things without being in genuine, he lights up. I tell him what a hard worker he is and how proud I am to have him in my life. Letting him know you don't take him for granted is really important.Even the small tasks of taking out the garbage should be brought up that you appreciate he helps you out around the house. You can't always expect that the appreciation will be returned. When he is talking to you, stop, look at him and listen whether you find the conversation interesting or not, it's important that he knows you find what he has to say important.Sometimes if a woman is very independent it can make a man feel he is not needed, so ask for help whether you need it or not.Careful not to overdo that because being needy is a quick way to push him further away. Remember what it was about you that attracted him in the beginning, the way you used to work a little harder to look good before he picked you up, the spontaneity and fun things you used to do and try to bring that back. Let him know you are still very attracted to him, bring back some romance.It's work to keep a relationship going and sometimes it just has to be up to you without expecting instant return. Hug a little longer, kiss a little more will work always does no matter what the outcome is.

    i am sure he still loves you. some men have a hard time showing love.

    Show him a Respect!!!

    I am sorry you are going through hard times. Sometimes with the hustle and bustle of life we forget about the one we love the most or put them on the back burner assuming they will always be there. I would talk to my husband and set a day to go on a date sometimes a simple date can reignite the flame. It could be anything from a quiet dinner or a walk in the city or country or even on the beach. Take some time with your husband even if you cant go out put on some soft music and sit down together and talk about old times, the future, and tell him how much you love him. What ever you decide to do treat it like a date and ask your husband what he would like to do and set a day preferably a whole day you can spend together. Me and my husband went to Aruba one year to get away with family members my favorite part of the trip was when we were home and we sat in the carport, drank coffee and talked all night. The night was perfect and better than any amount of money that could ever be spent. Good Luck hope this helps

    I'm sorry to hear you feel unloved!! Do you and your hsband communicate well???

    Love is not selfish,love is kind,love is not self-seeking,love is patient,love does not envy,love does not boast,love endures,love forgives,love does not recall wrongdoing. How to get your husband to love you? First,learn how to love HIM. Love him through the eyes of God. When your husband gets on your nerves or does you wrong,instead of getting mad at him and talk back,takea deep breath and learn how to forgive.God 1st loved us ,so we now in return love him. If you have never given your life to Jesus Christ,now would be a good time! Both your husband and you will be blessed. The world fails to recognise it,but true success in life is to put God 1st in everything you do,yes,even your marriage!

    Love God first,put Him 1st and ask Him how to love your husband and He will surely bless you with a brand new husband!! (your husband but with a brand new attitude!!)

    God bless.

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