my husband has had his 4th uti in the last year. symtoms are stoong smelling urine and abnormal behavior

    tomorrow he has a ultra sound and the urologist is leaning toward low dose antibiotic --if nothing unusual is shown on the ultrasound.. other choices are surgery or cathiter.yips is there another choice.?????

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    Get a second or 3rd opinion. We can not advise on medical issues as the members here are all volunteers with no medical degrees. I would recommend however changing his diet. It's probably the food he's eating that's causing the UTI's. Get him on cranberry juice. That will help cleanse his bladder. Water is also a great cleanser. Put him on water and cranberry juice only. Get him off fatty and oily foods and a lot less red meats, if not red meats at all. A good doctor would have told you this already. If  his doctor did not tell you this, get a better doctor. Go to a GOOD health food store and speak to a knowledgeable associate and find out what ORGANIC vitamins and minerals he should be on the help fight the infections. That's my best advice as a person who does not have a medical degree.

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