how long is the healing time after lap band surgary

    what is the healing time after lap band surgary & what kind of diet are you on and for how long

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    Sorry I can`t really help you But I can tell you a little story. There was a woman who wanted to lose weight but nothing she did seemed to work. Finaly she thought of lapband and investigated the availability. She found the cost was over $15000 in her country. She asked her GP (Doctor/ General Practioner) and was told to avoid it like the plague. Some months later this same woman was diagnosed with stomach cancer. She was told if she had had lapband surgery the cancer would have not been discovered because of the location. This lady had her intire stomach removed and her asopaghus connected directly to the upper intestine thus hopefully removing all the cancer. She now eats several small meals a day as she has no "holding tank" she has dropped from over 100kgs to 70+ and several dress sizes. How do I know all this ? I am married to her!.

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