What is the draw of the Reality TV shows?

    I can understand people watching talent shows like "American Idol" and "Dancing with the Stars" but there is so much crap on TV. Producers will film anything from romantic dates, to teens who are pregnant, and the worst of all goons on steroids and drama queens who live at "The Jersey Shore" and call it entertainment. Maybe I'm missing the point. I really don't care about these people. Can someone fill me in on what draws people to these shows? Don't worry... I won't put you down if you're a fan of these.

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    My cable company just added "The Paint Drying" channel. Can't wait to watch ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!


    hheehe :) .,.

    whatashame whatasham

    I'm with you Shirly , I mean coach. Enough is enough, I hope I'm still making you laugh.

    whatashame whatasham

    I want to do a reality show watching someone drinking water. "Is he going to take a sip ,or wait, I think he's putting it down, no , he's got it at his mouth." Well after the break we'll find out, did he or didn't he. What do you think? Good isn't it? Watching grass grow is my other idea.

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    reality tv shows are something that everybody would be kind of interested in, first of all, it shows people like us (not actors or proffessionals) on stage for the first time in front of a camera, and this thus draws our attention more becuase we as humans have a nature to which we'd like to see what others do and don't in front of a camera, we'd like to see how they react to certain things, because we humans imitate stuff easily if we see that it has it's benefits, so if we ever be stuck in one of these situations we'd know how to act properly. it's all got to do with imitation, just like a child imitating another child. 2nd of all the prize it's always pretty high, i mean why wouldn't you want to watch or participate one day if you could win at least million dollars just to enter a show and do a bit of stuff that will not cost you anything much unless you lose.


    Good point DH. When are YOU going to be on the Mechanical Engineering reality show? I want to say "I knew him when".


    two more years coach, two more long years :( Is there a mechanical engineering reality show? i didn't know that!

    To be honest I don't undestand what is the point either. Stupid things silly people, they just want to be notice.. but isn't that sad? Not because they are talented or they have something important to say but just because their are showing many times their worst part of themselves... sadddddd I try to change the channel as far as I can.
    Come on live life it's so beautiful, be creative, you are here... and there are lots of things to change, to enjoy, to discover!


    True Martina.

    There is no draw for me to watch most of the reality shows, particularly the ones that track people's lives and intrude on even the most intimate of situations.

    HOWEVER, I do enjoy Project: Runway, to marvel at the clothes the designers create with only a few hours.  I like "Hell's Kitchen" sometimes, too, or "The Next Great Chef" (or whatever it's called).  "Dancing With The Stars" was fun, too, marveling at the talent those "stars" developed over the course of their tenure. Those shows actually have people striving towards a goal.  I would rather BE on Survivor or the one where pairs travel around the world for some reason (can't remember what it was), or DWTS.  As far as Bachelor/Bachelorette, I would be far more interested in seeing the show focused on a middle-aged or early senior (such as myself!) meeting a slew of single people and perhaps falling in love and marrying one of them. 

    One show I would NEVER watch was Brat Camp.  That hit too close to home and it was, as far as I was concerned, a disgusting attempt to make money off someone's heartache.  It is NOT fun to have a 16 year old son addicted to meth. Mine was handcuffed, physically picked up, and carried off to the airport to spend two months at a "Brat Camp" in another state.  I'm sure it would have made a very "entertaining" program for somebody, but it was devastating for my family.

    Reality TV is mostly disgusting.  The television, for ME, is a source of information and entertainment. 

    try watching the news thats the ultimite in reality shows.sorry theirs no glitter and usely no fairytale endings

    voyeurism, plain and simple! :-)

    if it has the possibility of humiliation, injury, death or sex. people will waste their lives watching that shite! :-)


    I can see that GS.

    Plain stupid and like I have said before people nowdays thrive off gossip and dragging people through the dirt so it is kind of like live watching it for them. Do not care for them nor will I watch them myself.

    cant stand them!!!x factor?whats all that about?big brother?wouldnt waste my time!! i just cant see the attraction....

    The proof is in the pudding.If people did not watch that garbage,networks wouldn't produce it.Really sad when you stop and think about it.Also I think it may make some feel better about their own lives when the see what a train wreck others lives are.

    I don't like them... They suck... Boring and I'm with the Coach, I'd rather watch the 'paint drying channel'..  LOL   Good line Coach!!! :)

    the only one i will watch is rupaul's dragrace ya know with the drag queens i am a woman i like men so i dont know why but i am so drawn to that show the other shows with the pregnant teens the drunks with the sex problems on jersey shore and all that other junk i hate but i love that one i was flipping through the channels one nite and saw it been watching it since and most of these men are beautiful cant tell that they are men i didnt say i do or dont agree with what they do but i love the show

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