Why do we have to "fight" ech other ,,, ?

    I would like to know ,,, "why" do we have to "fight" each other. Why do "we" as "people" have to fight each other ,,, whether within our families, in war, at work ,,,, "why do we have to have an "over-bearnce" over each other. ????????

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    I ask this question in thnking of this world as this world is right now ,,, what it was ( I was born in 1963 ,,, not really remembering "The 60s ,,, grew up as a "country" kid ,,, riding my horses ,,, bonding with my Dad, helping him to build his own sawmill. Then later working in it for 10 yrs of my childhood ,,, building houses with my Dad, etc etc.) The "80s ,,, Graduated in 81. Married in 86 (Yes ,,, I am a girl.) and now ,,, it is I am a parent of 6 boys. Ages 24, 23, 22, 14, 13, 11. I am glad I have boys. They are my best buds. Love thenm to death.


    I want them to be able to grow up in a world that is at peace. Where there is no "pain" or mean-ness ,,, towards each other ,,, want this the same for all of us and your children too.

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    Because someone always thinks their better than someone else.


    Don`t they ??? And the one thing is "no one is" We all bleed red, breathe the same air, cry the same tears. Hopefully laugh the same laugh when we are genuine happy and genuinely loving each other. Thank-you for your answer ,,, smile.

    Because it is human nature to be competitive. Anytime there is a fight its one against the other usually for resource or a beer.. Or woman or whatever. Instinct. We are the most intelligent of the animal world as humans, we can reason, sometimes our reasoning gets us in trouble. We also have the intellect to build machines and weapons of war to make our natural instinct to fight easier and more effective. Aren't we the fun bunch!!


    I wish "we" as a people would "bond" "join together" and as you say Vinny ,,, "Reason" ,,, just reason ,,, why do we have to make it so hard on ourselves and each other ??? It "stares" us right in the face !!! Thank-you for your answer (smile)


    I wish we could just "improve" for ourselves and ALL our children ,,, does anyone else feel this way ??? Is there anyone else "wanting to improve" ???

    the best way I can explain it to you is through husbands and wives. It's basically because we are different. Men and women have different roles. Now my answer is not intended to be sexist or anything other that from experience so don't get upset. Ok the mans role is to support his wife in all that she does, thinks or wants. The wifes role is the same including love. Now the problems start when we do not listen to each other, we try to control or change or want our own way. We stop seeing the others point of view and instead of listening we try to give solutions when all our partners really want is to be listened to. Stress builds and before you know it an all out war is happening. You should read the book why Mars and Venus collide. It's a good book on relationships and if you follow the simple to follow rules your relationship will be much better.


    Yes, I was thinking all that kind of stuff when I meantioned "families" ,,, Wives, husbands, children as toddlers "wanting someone elses toy". Teen-agers aganist each other at school or against their own parents ,,, vise-versa. Thank-you for your answer and insight.

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