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    Is there a form of medicinal marijuana approved for intestinal, bowel issues?

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    Your doctor is best equipped to answer that question, or should be.  I have just learned about a new technique of drawing the liquid from the leaves of the plant, which are very effective in reducing the pain, but don't compromise the person by getting him/her "high".  
    There are countless websites that can give you info ("Medicinal marijuana leaf juice) . I encourage you to investigate them for yourself. ‎   

    MJ is legal for medical use in CA. I have had it in lovely chocolate candy bars. I can't believe how artistic the wrapping is. It's ok. It helps my back pain about 25%. Unfortunately the doctor who prescribes pain medicine for me will no longer prescribe if I take it.

    By the way, Methadone is an Opiod that has no high at all. That's a good thing if you take itt for legitimate pain. I think you asked a good question hdavis and I wish you the best with your problems. There are lots of places where you can find out more information. I have a feeling that this might not be the place.

    That's how it is everywhere. Because of this, some of us suffer.

    Yes there is, but it has to do with your state you live in, if it is legal there for medical purposes. Any medical marijuana is good for you, just depends on how you take it, whether you smoke it or get it in a baked form, like cookies or brownies or some kind of eatable form. Have you checked with your doctor or discussed it with him or her? Then you will know which way to go.


    Smoking isn't good for you. You know that. I know you do. MJ is good BUT not in the smoking form.

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