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    My Dad went away to Vietnam over three years ago Never seen him since -he does not send my Mum or myself any money. What can I do? my Mum Cant work as she looks after my Grandma 24/7. Its terrible not having any money to buy food etc.Can someone give me advice.

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    You didn't say in which country you live in.


    Thank you for reply -we live in england

    I'll try and put this sincerely. If your dad has been missing for that long, your Mom can qualify for his social security for "technically" being a widow, if that is the case. As stated above she would also qualify for part of any VA income if your dad is a veteran. Also, what is your situation? Can you work or split the duties w/ your Mom watching over your grandma so she could maybe get a part time job as well? You need to be proactive and apply for food stamps, see if your elderly grandma qualifies for a nursing aid under social security and research every possible service you and your family may qualify for. I wish you the best and remember God helps those who help themselves.

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    i ment cant' buy food, my mistake

    hii know i nedd help i live in apartment i went to raise money but my parents dont give me allowance or let me go outside do things like water plans or ...... whatever soo my question how do i raise money someone plz answer thx.

    well i would say that have a talk with your o nothin good happens the maybe have like group meetings every monday and u make a list on things u spend money on instaed of usin it invest tht money thts what i would do if i were you.

    you may be lilttle but u can do anything u want
    secound never evr give up even if youre about to die no kole take your bit by bit

    My computer is 8 years oldand my dad brought it he was at home

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    Oblivion best

    why did he go to vietnam now,there is no war now? does he have relatives over there? i would first find out why he left.Then get the help ss,aid for depended children, welfare,foodstamp etc.good luck

    If he is a veteran and gets any benefits you can send VA a letter for them to forward it to him. If not, I would have your mother apply for any welfare that she is eligible to receive.

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